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Art Direction: Alexandra Zsigmond

Labor Day weekend has always had a particular resonance in American politics as the official start of the sprint to Election Day, celebrated by rallies, marches and lakeside picnics.

Of course, those days are long gone in this era of the permanent campaign. Donald J. Trump, the Republican, and Hillary Clinton, the Democrat, have been sprinting to Election Day for more than a year now.

Nonetheless, it seems like a good moment to assess what political analysts say the candidates need to do in the final two months if they want to move into the White House in January. And while polls suggest that Mrs. Clinton has a clear advantage over Mr. Trump, the race is hardly over. The unpopularity of both candidates has lent this contest a volatility rarely seen at this stage of a campaign

November 2016

The candidates Final Stretch Playbook

Art Direction: Alexandra Szigmond.