The New Yorker
Art Direction: Kara Haupt

Dorothy Wickenden hosted the first episode of The New Yorker’s politics podcast in 2007, at the beginning of Barack Obama’s first Presidential campaign. The Obama Administration oversaw the recovery from the financial crisis, multiple foreign wars, health-care reform, and the Paris climate agreement. In Donald Trump’s first year, he has vowed to overturn Obama’s legacy on virtually every front.

On its tenth anniversary, “The Political Scene” examines how the country arrived at this unprecedented moment in its history. Ryan Lizza assesses how the Republican and Democratic Parties arrived at their existential crises, Evan Osnos discusses the emergence of white nationalism in the mainstream of American politics, Jeffrey Toobin considers the landmark cases of Chief Justice John Roberts’s Supreme Court, Elizabeth Kolbert talks about climate-change denialism, Jelani Cobb looks at how the war on truth has deepened political divides, Jia Tolentino talks about Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016 and recent revelations about sexual misconduct by powerful men, John Cassidy explains the economics of the “lost decade” and the perverse politics behind income inequality, and Dexter Filkins describes how the Trump Administration’s retreat from diplomacy exacerbates tensions around the world.

November 2017